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Frank Barat

Frank Barat is one of the co-ordinators of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. He also writes a blog at baratfrank.com

Frank Barat is known as @@frankbarat22 on Twitter

Articles by Frank Barat

Our pain and rage are immense, but we need reason and understanding more than ever, Frank Barat writes.
Naomi Klein speaks with Frank Barat about the limits of the Paris climate talks.
Israeli historian and author Ilan Pappe talks to Frank Barat about propaganda, solidarity and hope for a new reality.
Israeli filmmaker Lia Tarachansky tells Frank Barat about the challenges and rewards of making On The Side of the Road.
The acclaimed film director talks to Frank Barat about Palestine, politics, and why he wants to keep causing trouble.
Palestinian solidarity activist Frank Barat is deported from Tel Aviv.
Once on the FBI's 'most wanted' list, the civil rights activist has no intention of slowing down. She talks to Frank Barat about...
Becoming a ‘non-member state’ needs to bring practical as well as symbolic change says Frank Barat.
Netanyahu won’t find any serious opposition in the re-elected US president, says Frank Barat.
Frank Barat is invigorated on finishing 4th Session of the Russell Tribunal, inspired by the empowerment of its attendees. 
As hundreds gather in New York for the 4th Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, organizer Frank Barat is full of hope...
The award-winning author, poet and activist considers herself above all a daughter of the Earth, as she explains to Frank Barat.

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