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Hazel Healy

Hazel Healy is a co-editor at New Internationalist. She specializes in human-rights focused stories, tackling themes such as migration, land-grabs and, most recently, food justice. Her reports have also been published in other outlets such as the LA Times, The Guardian and De Correspondent.

Hazel Healy is known as @hazel_healy on Twitter

Articles by Hazel Healy

Senegalese development economist Ndongo Samba Sylla speaks to Hazel Healy about why he thinks ‘neo-colonialism’ is an outdated...
Perfect for peanuts. Oumar Ba is working to  restore the sandy soils of the Sahel in Ndiob  district, Senegal. HAZEL HEALY/NEW INTERNATIONALIST
The soil is dying, the water’s running out, and climate change is rendering the future even more uncertain. Hazel Healy speaks...
Hazel Healy sketches out a world with nutritious diets for all people.
Michael Fakhri, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, has a bold vision for a trade system that reflects how people...
andy carter illustration
Hazel Healy imagines an end to cheap meat.
Penny Walters in the kitchen at Byker Community Centre where she volunteers as a chef twice a week. Credit: Tessa Bunney
Penny Walters bears witness to food poverty in the UK and suggests a way out of it. As told to Hazel Healy.
[Credit: Eleanor Shakespeare]
New Internationalist launches a one-year series dedicated to unpicking why hunger persists.
Dr Asamte Fidel is one of the local Sierra Leonean doctors working at Connaught Hospital. The hospital was on the frontline of the Ebola epidemic when it hit in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Credit: Simon Davis/DFiD
Four years ago, New Internationalist travelled to West Africa to hear the stories of communities in recovery from the deadly...
A still from Purple Sea, by Amel al-Zakout
Syrian artist Amel al-Zakout nearly drowned in the Mediterranean Sea after her boat capsized en route to Greece. Volunteer...
Europe-bound. Migrant travellers from Togo en route to Italy after being rescued by Spanish rescue NGO Open Arms, February 2017. David Ramos/Getty
Hazel Healy unpicks the workings of mobility apartheid.
Two people hold placards as part of a demonstration for solidarity, unity, dignity and rights for all in Hamburg
A network of solidarity exists among and alongside those who move, and stay, without permission. Hazel Healy profiles three...
Raworth's book became a surprise hit: a Sunday Times bestseller and Forbes' Book of the Year.
As ecological collapse looms, our growth-at-all costs economic system urgently requires a different vision. Renegade economist...

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