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Katie McQue

Katie McQue is a journalist based in Dubai, where she covers energy, human rights, finance and healthcare. She has previously been based in London and New York.

Articles by Katie McQue

Twenty-five years after the ‘fastest and most efficient murder campaign of the twentieth century’, Katie McQue examines the...
The United Nations International Court of Justice has ruled that Britain should hand the Chagos Islands back to Mauritius....
Women attend an event in Windrush Square to show solidarity with the Windrush generation in the Brixton district of London, Britain April 20, 2018. REUTERS/Darren Staples
Katie McQue exposes the legal loopholes used to discriminate against Caribbean citizens.
A demonstrator demands her return to the Chagos Islands during a protest outside the Houses of Parliament, 2008. Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Winning
Decades after the UK made them exiles, their children and grandchildren now face expulsion. Katie McQue reports.
U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Saratoga anchored at the Diego Garcia naval base in the 1980s.
Revealed: Ships at the controversial naval base are crammed dangerously close. Katie McQue reports.
‘They are choosing this time to remind Palestinians that we control you,’ a Palestinian tells Katie McQue.
Alfred Kelfala, part of the roving Freetown Ebola burial team, puts on a safety suit before burying a corpse, 2015.
How humanity may have triggered Ebola outbreaks. By Katie McQue.
Immigration Removal Centres are the shame of Britain, Katie McQue reports.
The tourism sector increases workers’ vulnerability to AIDS. Katie McQue reports in this web exclusive.
Diego Garcia
A two year investigation reveals the US military’s poor treatment of contract workers on the controversial island. Katie McQue...
The court ruling may indicate some progress but it also upholds the ban on the refugees’ return. Katie McQue reports.
South Africa’s High Court recently ruled that 27,000 goldminers with silicosis, an incurable lung disease, could colle

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