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Louisa Waugh

Articles by Louisa Waugh

A visit to Gaza City’s only Turkish bath-house offers the chance to switch off from reality, just for a while.
The State of Israel is claiming that two-thirds of Palestinians killed in Gaza were members of terror organizations. Louisa Waugh...
Local Palestinians are being tormented day and night by air strikes and drones.
A few days ago rumours of more Israeli air strikes began to cause panic across Gaza.
 It was the hacks who got here first: even before Israel announced its ‘unilateral’ ceasefire in the Gaza Strip on 18 January,...
People in the Gaza Strip are desperate for the ceasefire to continue – they have seen enough blood spilt.
Medical personnel like Mohammed are still doggedly trying to treat those with the worst injuries and digging out partly...
‘We have lost everything… But tell them, tell the world, we do not want food or money – we just want our life back, and we want...
Gazans are fleeing for their lives, but there is no escape from the shelling
Every time I speak to them, my friends in Gaza tell me how scared they are  
‘This is not like the previous invasions – this time they mean to kill us. There is no escape.’
Although Gazan Christians remain tentative about their future, they say are not living in fear.

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