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Nick Dowson

Nick Dowson. Photo: Jacopo Rufo

Nick Dowson is a New Internationalist co-editor who has written on topics including health, technology and power, housing, transport and the environment. He has previously worked in local and trade news and as a freelancer, and has investigative experience.

He can be found on Mastodon at @nickmdowson@mastodon.me.uk

Nick Dowson is known as @nickmdowson on Twitter

Articles by Nick Dowson

What if…social media were built for our needs, not profit?
Nick Dowson imagines a different world of online communities that puts our needs first.
A large lighbulb floats above the planet earth - illustration
Universal, free access to electricity could be better for people and the planet. Nick Dowson explores how it could be done.
Profiles of groups from Palestine, Mozambique, Uganda and India who are saying no to new oil and gas infrastructure.
Nick Dowson gives the low-down on the latest tricks in corporate spin.
Passersby walk past a mural  in Venezuela showing oil drilling. Oil  has made an important contribution to  Venezuelan state revenues.  JOHN VAN HASSELT/CORBIS VIA GETTY IMAGES
We cannot let the fossil fuel industry block urgently needed climate action. Nick Dowson lays out a path to change.
Extinction Rebelion activists stand in front of police officers as they protest during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, Britain, November 3, 2021 REUTERS/Hannah McKay
Nick Dowson weighs up the prospects for success at the COP26.
Pat Mooney explores what happens when Big Data meets Big Ag. Interview by Nick Dowson.
Making a point: Bill Gates addresses the media after his address to the World Health Assembly at the UN in Geneva. Reuters/Alamy
Nick Dowson investigates the oversized influence of Bill Gates on the global response to the pandemic 
Lanaré Sévi/WikiCommons
Nick Dowson explores options for monitoring people in the interest of public health while respecting their privacy.
A radical proposal to redefine and extend service provision to all those in need without breaking the bank has the potential to...
Nick Dowson highlights the issues up for debate, obstacles to negotiations and where all this leaves the majority world.
Nick Dowson asks if Brexit will expose the UK to being sued.

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