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Symon Hill

Symon Hill is Campaigns Manager of the Peace Pledge Union and a history tutor for the Workers’ Educational Association.

Symon Hill is known as @SymonHill on Twitter

Articles by Symon Hill

The legs of people wearing camouflage and black boots. They are marching.
Symon Hill envisages a world without the military.
Symon Hill warns against letting Trident’s renewal slip out of sight.
As we campaign for peace today, what can we learn from our predecessors? asks Symon Hill. 
A government that favours the rich and shuns the poor could not be further away from the Bible’s vision of an equal and radical...
Peaceful demonstrators are acquitted of ‘aggravated trespass’ but arms dealers remain free to pursue dodgy deals with dubious...
Symon Hill asks for support as he and four others face trial for demonstrating against the arms trade.
Amid the political storm, Symon Hill asks 'what is Britain?'
The British Prime Minister’s proposals on pornography follow a global tradition of politicians who try to control online access...
Digital Revolutions extras: Symon Hill discusses the paradox at the heart of cyberactivism
Digital Revolutions extras: Online petitions may be more useful in drawing attention to reality than they may be in bringing...
Symon Hill won’t be ‘liking’ anything on 1 December because of the social network’s shady tax affairs.
The Beit Arabiya peace centre has been demolished by the Israeli army for a sixth time. Symon Hill visited the rubble.

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