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Uzma Falak

Articles by Uzma Falak

Uzma Falak questions police tactics in Kashmir.
Nine-year-old Aamir is the latest victim of state violence and denial, reports Uzma Falak.
Are new generations of armed youth challenging India’s dominance? Uzma Falak reports from the region.
Uzma Falak reports on state violence within the India-controlled region.
With India touting Kashmir as a dream tourist destination, Uzma Falak reports on the reality – and the ongoing police brutality.
Uzma Falak reports on a problem of powerlessness and the struggle against it.
Rather than Pandit ‘ghettos’, what we need is proper integration, argues Uzma Falak.
Uzma Falak on the aftermath of the deaths of two teenagers shot by the Indian army.
In the face of state inertia, Kashmiris have taken matters into their own hands. Uzma Falak reports.
Resistance makes borders porous and is a source of paranoia for aligned oppressive states, writes Uzma Falak.
Uzma Falak on a day of music, protest and death in the besieged Valley.
The case of 17-year-old Danish reveals corrupt and brutal law enforcement, says Uzma Falak.

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