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From blockade to bombs: ‘death is what we are tweeting’


‘We’re trapped in Gaza between two deaths’.

Israel began its military offensive in Gaza on 8 July, five weeks ago today. A ceasefire has been in place since 10 August. Throughout the chaos, when able to access electricity, 22-year-old Mohammed Suliman has been writing 140-character updates.

In 34 days, almost 2,000 Gazans and 20 Palestinians living in the West Bank have been killed. The death toll is still rising, as the ceasefire has made it possible to search for bodies under the rubble of the Strip. Tensions are high in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Over recent weeks, there have been numerous attempts at a truce; none of them have held. For many Gazans, going back to how life was before Israel’s latest offensive – to an existence under siege – is not an option. ‘Israel is bent on obliterating Gaza. Gaza is bent on lifting the siege,’ tweets Mohammed Suliman.

On 11 August, the Palestinian delegation told Egyptian mediators that the three-day ceasefire will be the last chance for reaching a comprehensive truce with Israel.

Mohammed Suliman is a human rights worker from Gaza, Palestine. He attended the London School of Economics, where he obtained a graduate degree in Human Rights. He currently works for Al Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza. Read all of Mohammed’s tweets.

Additional text and image by Ella David.

This article is part of our mini-series on Palestine.


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