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Issue 533 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

September-October 2021

Who gets to eat?

Covid-19 has sent shockwaves through our food system. Hunger is growing throughout the world in communities already battling climate change, conflict and poverty.

Yet we produce more than enough food to feed the world.

This magazine investigates the far-reaching inequalities in our global food system, and asks: who gets to eat – who doesn’t – and how do we fix it?

The edition concludes our year-long Food Justice files.


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Included in this issue

The alternative book review

Peter Whittaker, Jo Lateu, Rahila Gupta weigh up recent releases in parallel publishing.

The interview: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

Leo Sakamoto speaks to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the former president and favourite to beat Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil’s 2022...
Image is everything: Indian Prime Minister  Narendra Modi on the campaign trail prior to  the West Bengal elections, March 2021, which  his party lost. The huge rallies by all parties were  criticized for their irresponsibility during India’s  coronavirus crisis.  SIPA USA/ALAMY

The vice tightens

The image-obsessed Indian government is intent on shutting down dissent. Rishika Pardikar examines ploys in use.
Illustration: Pete Reynolds

How to achieve full decolonization

Southern governments are captive to the demands of international capital, which stops them from meeting people’s real needs....

Digital dinners

Pat Mooney explores what happens when Big Data meets Big Ag. Interview by Nick Dowson.
 A wheat crop is sprayed with  chemicals in South Africa. Chemical-heavy  agriculture has brought despair to farmers in  Punjab and Haryana, the epicentres of the Green  Revolution in India. DEWALD KIRSTEN/SHUTTERSTOCK

No more green revolutions

Raj Patel critiques input-heavy agriculture.
Credit: Pete Reynolds

Where does all the food go?

There’s more than enough food – if it’s shared out evenly. A data visualization by David McCandless.

‘Food is love’

Urban growers Dee Woods and Stefanie Swanepoel compare notes across continents with Amy Hall.
Perfect for peanuts. Oumar Ba is working to  restore the sandy soils of the Sahel in Ndiob  district, Senegal. HAZEL HEALY/NEW INTERNATIONALIST

Taking back the peanut basin

The soil is dying, the water’s running out, and climate change is rendering the future even more uncertain. Hazel Healy speaks...

10 steps to end world hunger

1 Put food before trade
Police fire teargas canisters at protesters during the December 2019 demonstrations. Credit: Daniel Espinoza Guzmán

Chile: at a glance

Despite its modern and prosperous image, Chile’s repressive institutions have remained intact since the Pinochet dictatorship....

Spotlight: Peggy Seeger

Folk music royalty Peggy Seeger speaks to Louise Gray about her life, her music, and her political activism. 

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