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Issue 537 of New Internationalist

Reader-owned global journalism

May-June 2022

How we stop Big Oil

If you believed the greenwash you might think the world’s corporates were on the brink of the change needed to save our climate. Yet emissions are still rising, air pollution is still killing, and Big Oil is continuing to trample on communities as it pumps its deadly wares. Meanwhile our pain is CEOs’ gain as energy prices soar. What will it take to build a better energy system?

This magazine explores how we got here, the communities and campaigners at the sharp edge of the struggle, and how we can fight the industry to leave fossil fuels behind.


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Included in this issue

Passersby walk past a mural  in Venezuela showing oil drilling. Oil  has made an important contribution to  Venezuelan state revenues.  JOHN VAN HASSELT/CORBIS VIA GETTY IMAGES

How we halt Big Oil's climate-wrecking business

We cannot let the fossil fuel industry block urgently needed climate action. Nick Dowson lays out a path to change.

Fossil fuels – a journey in time

A short history of dependency.

Cut and run

Transnational oil companies are looking to leave the Niger Delta without cleaning up their mess. Ken Henshaw reports.

The new greenwashing

Nick Dowson gives the low-down on the latest tricks in corporate spin.
A person draped in a blue, green, red and yellow Mapuche flag stands with their back to the camera, looking towards a gas plant in the distance

Standing firm against fracking

The Mapuche people in Argentina are saying no to an influx of transnationals trying to frack their lands. Grace Livingstone...

Fighting the fossils

Profiles of groups from Palestine, Mozambique, Uganda and India who are saying no to new oil and gas infrastructure.
Banners wave at the opening ceremony of the People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth near Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 2010. The People’s Agreement signed at the conference called for the Global North to repay a ‘climate debt’ to the Majority World. AIZAR RALDES/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

A global just transition

How can we phase out fossil fuels in a way that works for people everywhere? The historic Cochabamba People’s Agreement offers...

Introducing...Yoon Suk-yeol

Richard Swift on the right-wing libertarian and former public prosecutor hoping to ‘teach some manners’ to its North Korean...
Steve Chandra Savale speaks to Subi Shah about music for spiritual change and social justice.

Spotlight: Steve Chandra Savale of Asian Dub Foundation

Steve Chandra Savale speaks to Subi Shah about music for spiritual change and social justice.

Agony uncle: ‘My friend thinks she is an ethical tax dodger’

Ethical and political dilemmas abound these days. Seems like we’re all in need of a New Internationalist perspective. Enter...
Two women and a man smile outside a green and blue building. The man carries chopped wood.

Country profile: Belarus

Alexey Sakhnin considers the country that made international headlines for massive anti-government protests in 2020 and from...
Illustraion of a woman reading in the dark in a park

Letter from Buenos Aires: the big blackout

Being forced to go without electricity sparks thoughts about living differently for Virginia Tognola.

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