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A demonstrator demands her return to the Chagos Islands during a protest outside the Houses of Parliament, 2008. Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Winning

This article is more than five years old.

Decades after the UK made them exiles, their children and grandchildren now face expulsion. Katie McQue...

U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Saratoga anchored at the Diego Garcia naval base in the 1980s.

This article is more than five years old.

Revealed: Ships at the controversial naval base are crammed dangerously close. Katie McQue reports.

New Internationalists’s 2017 top reads

This article is almost six years old.

Our 10 most read articles of the year are still as relevant as ever.

This article is more than six years old.

A group of Indian Ocean islanders, forcibly removed from their homes 50+ years ago and deported to England, are still fighting...

Diego Garcia

This article is almost seven years old.

A two year investigation reveals the US military’s poor treatment of contract workers on the controversial island. ...

This article is more than seven years old.

The court ruling may indicate some progress but it also upholds the ban on the refugees’ return. Katie McQue...

This article is more than ten years old.

The latest legal decision against the Chagossians, kicked off their homeland to make way for a US base, continues a regretful...

This article is more than 11 years old.

In the week David Cameron meets his Mauritian counterpart to discuss the Chagos Islands, Virgil Hawkins sees...

This article is more than 16 years old.

Chagossians' struggle for justice given a new legal boost.

This article is almost 17 years old.

Base matters

As the US and its coalition of willing friends concentrate more military resources in Afghanistan...

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